Intergrate a Photo Booth with Zoom or Microsoft Teams

Zoom Photo Booth is here and it’s time to get your online poses down pat.

A virtual photo booth can never replace a photo booth experience in person. However this is pretty damn close.

This live streaming photo booth is seamlessly integrated into your video conference program of choice, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The Zoom Photo Booth will be featured as one of the participants, so everyone can view the action easily.



To begin, one person will scan the QR Code with their device, upload their selfie and fill in the short online data form. All the virtual event guests will be able to watch the workflow right up until the photo of the participant appears in preview. Others will be viewing the posing / silly faces and getting inspo for their turn!

The Zoom Photo Booth is an entertaining way to help your clients create memorable moments for their guests online, to have a laugh and enjoy being with each other, over the screen. Nothing serious, just a bit of virtual fun!