Experience a new technological process, one of intrigue and personal discovery

Include the Rentertainment Mind Art experience at your special event and be sure to draw a crowd. Interesting conversations will spark and your participants and event attendees will get to know each other in the process. Your event will be talked about long after it’s over.

Artistic creation is within your reach. Mind Art empowers you to easily create individualised quality artwork using only the energy of your mind.

Everyone leaves with something – each participant will receive a take-away print out of their art from their session that they can also use to view their online portfolio at any time, from anywhere.

Why should a great piece of artwork take months, years or longer to create? Why do we need to wait for the right inspiration, the right moment, or gather materials we have no idea how to use to create a piece of individual expression to hang on our walls? Mind Art does not aim to replace tradition, but instead, push the boundaries of technology, imagination, and person expression.