Magnify World | VR Arena | August, 2018


In August, 2018 Magnify World were launching a world class exhibition showcasing the future of virtual reality and augmented reality, and they were seeking an innovative partner to assist in providing a memorable experience to guests.

The exhibition included a business summit on the first day, followed by a day open to the public. The audience was broad, and had high expectations.


It was time for us to launch our latest service, the VR Arena. Boasting technology ahead of its time, and providing an entertaining experience like no other, we were thrilled to introduce this at Magnify World.

The VR Arena is a multiplayer Virtual Reality experience where guests wear a backpack control set that allows them to move freely in the space, interacting with the other players in the game. It’s team building taken to a new level.


Hundreds of guests were in awe of the VR Arena, many expressing that they had never seen or tried an experience quite like it. The smiles, laughter and cheering from the crowd were a great sign too!

Magnify World were pleased to have incorporated such an eye-catching, immersive experience into their premier exhibition, and we were thankful to have been a part of such a fantastic expo!