Vivo | 360 Video | October, 2018


Vivo is a well established, fine dining restaurant in the picturesque Palm Cove, Far North Queensland. In October 2018, they approached us with a brief, which we were excited to take on.

Vivo were looking for a new and interesting way to promote their various versatile function areas via a digital platform.


We suggested to utilise our 360 degree camera to capture the venue and location from every angle, and compose all footage to then be viewed on a Virtual Reality headset and online.

This would give people a real feel for Vivo without actually stepping foot into the restaurant if they were unable to prior to their function. Vivo were excited about this and on board with the plan!


The end result showcased what the restaurant and Palm Cove surrounds have to offer for visitors who have never stepped into this gorgeous part of the world.

The client was thrilled with the clip, and loved the flexibility of having access to such informative and engaging marketing material to use whenever required.