Bastion EBA | Custom Video Booth | October, 2019


Bastion EBA approached us on behalf of United Energy to create a bespoke activation that would wow the crowd. The brief was to set up a space that would allow one person to record a message of thanks to another person who could hear it from afar. Our activation area was outdoors and we were asked to not only capture the sound recording, but also a visual recording. Social media sharing and then post event analytic reporting on how people shared their videos was also required.


Guests interacted with the booth in pairs. One person stepped into the microphone booth to record a message for the other, who heard the voice message through a pair of giant headphones and had their reaction recorded in the video booth.

The final output was a combination of the recorded audio and video with the branded overlay. This was then sent to the guests’ mobile phone for social media sharing.


What a unique and engaging activation this was. The Good Deed-O-Meter encouraged all of those who participated to share something that they may not everyday. It produced big smiles, warm fuzzy feelings and lots of laughter! Not one person who stepped into the Good Deed-O-Meter had done anything quite like this before.

We had everyone talking. Over 100 videos were recorded over the course of the day, with loads of social sharing, to share that love even more.