Tableau Tilt Tablet Challenge

Tableau | Custom Tilt Game | February, 2020



In February 2020, Capital E approached us to create a unique experience for Tableau to coincide with the release of their new data platform, Blueprint. The goal was to create a game that was accessible and suitable for participants of any age and skill level, that clearly represented the features of their new data platform.

For this we created the multiplayer Tablet Tilt Challenge, a game where players race to complete the challenge via individual tablets.


The challenge itself was activated at a Gartner Networking event in Sydney and involved players tilting a tablet left and right to direct balls into three goals which represented the three key areas of the new Blueprint platform.

Gameplay from one of the tablets was broadcast on a large display screen to engage interested onlookers. And to amp up the competitive spirit, a live running leaderboard of the fastest times was projected onto a display screen.


The experience was a huge success, seeing over 80 competitors in the 1.5 hours for the duration of the event. The challenge was perfectly suited for the event and engaged the crowd with the fun and slightly competitive edge to the game.

The ease of gameplay and controls allowed for all to get involved easily.