Seiko | Custom VR Tennis | January, 2019


In December, 2018, Funkified Entertainment briefed us in on an exciting project for the upcoming Australian Open 2019. Seiko were activating within the busy Federation Square, and were looking for a custom tennis VR experience that would wow passersby in the area, and provide unmatched brand exposure.

The experience was to incorporate the champion Novak Djokovic, being Seiko’s ambassador, and a competitive element was a must.


With a tight deadline, our talented team of developers and designers got to work creating an unforgettable experience. The game would have guests versing Djokovic on a Seiko branded court, using a phycial VR tennis racket to return his serve and score points by hitting targets.

The experience was perfected by refining Djokovic’s looks, incorporating finer branding on the racket and targets, and making the tennis motions as realistic as possible.


Over 400 people participated in the game across two days, and the legend himself, Djokovic, came down to be part of the action! The game was projected onto Federation Square’s large display screen, meaning everyone walking by could watch the fun all day.

The activation received coverage over major media channels, Nine and Ten, and appeared on page 3 of The Age. Many people socially shared photos and videos of the game in action, which we loved to see!

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