Jack Morton | vForum 2019 | November, 2019


Rentertainment were approached by Jack Morton to be the primary interactive entertainment supplier of VMware’s vForum 2019. With exhibitors such as Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo and Macquarie exhibiting, it was important that we were able to deliver engaging, unique and memorable experiences for their target market.

Additionally, with vForum only running for a single day, a balance had to be found between guest engagement and high turnover.


Rentertainment activated multiple services at vForum 2019, ranging from our Mind Art Brain Painting to a custom augmented reality basketball experience. Client branding was on show with the Hewlett-Packard sponsored Mercedes AMG Formula One car featuring our VR Pitstop Challenge.

Our Atari Pong table was also provided and proved to be a fantastic attention grabber for Puppet.


Each one of our services were incredibly successful in their own right. The AR basketball activation had over 400 entries into its leader board, the VR Pit Stop Challenge was enjoyed by a wide range of guests who couldn’t help but be drawn in by the Mercedes AMG Formula One car from across the room, and our Atari Pong Table was hardly left alone, with guests getting in on the the retro experience again and again.

We think it’s fair to say that our onsite team enjoyed themselves almost as much as the guests on this day!