Get artistic with your attire!

Rentertainment’s Glow Gear is unlike anything you’ve seen before! Perfect for any fun-loving crowd, Glow Gear allows guests to ‘draw’ on each other’s t-shirts using nothing but lights. It’s not a one-time thing either. The tees reset to allow the fun to continue for the entire event.

So the fun begins when your guests put their tee on. The environment needs to be dark, and with a handheld laser light each guest has the ability to direct their light and draw on their own, or someone else’s shirt. After five minutes the t-shirt will automatically be wiped clean, ready for new art.

As if that wasn’t cool enough already, you can even custom screen print the t-shirts prior to the event with a logo or special message.

If you’re looking to take your event up a notch, Rentertainment’s Glow Gear is the way to do it. Contact us today to get the ball rolling!