Crumpler | VR Basketball Hoops | January, 2018


In January, 2018, Crumpler approached us with a brief to activate at the Australian Open.

They were in search of a way to entertain and encourage some friendly competition in a group of VIP’s in the Players Lounge. The space was small, but the brand awareness had to be big.


Our Virtual Reality Booth was the answer. With a small footprint, high turnover, and an added leaderboard system, a unique virtual basketball experience was the ideal service.

Crumpler were able to utilise the majority of the allocated space for styling and branding, which they were happy with, and resulted in the set-up having a memorable impact.


Guests were entertained as they competed against each other to gain the winning position on the leaderboard.

Thanks to the short duration per turn, it was possible for them to keep coming back for more. Crumpler were pleased with this, and enjoyed watching the participants become more engaged with every turn they had!