Cotton On Group | GIF & Roaming GIF Booth | October, 2018


With Spring Racing season fast approaching, it was time for the Cotton On Group to begin preparation for their iconic yearly staff event. An expected turn out of approximately 700 glamorously dressed guests meant that a social sharing opportunity was a must.

Knowing that the event styling was to be impeccable, it was hard to choose whether a static or roaming option would be the best fit. The final decision? Let’s do both!


The static GIF Booth was perfect to show off the stunning Spring themed installation with a gorgeous backdrop that everyone was more than happy to pose in front of. The Roaming GIF Booth allowed the Rentertainment team to actively capture the guests in their element whilst socialising and on the dance floor!

Offering static images as well as GIFs was also a fantastic benefit as it catered to everyone’s differing preferences.


Including both of our superstar GIF Booths meant that Cotton On could make the most of the varying benefits that each provide. The booths did not catch a break all day! Guests were absolutely loving the options available – pose games were high.

With over 700 snaps taken between the booths, we declared it a success. Each of the booths were loved equally, and the variety in shots showed that!