Cisco | Flight Motion VR & VR Rollercoaster Simulator | March, 2018


Cisco, the worldwide leader in IT and networking, were looking for a way to showcase some emerging technology at their yearly exhibition, Cisco Live.

The aim was to create a hub of innovation that would resonate in attendees minds, and align with their mission of shaping the future of technology by creating unprecedented value for all consumers.


We were thrilled to provide our cutting-edge VR Motion Rollercoaster and VR Flight Motion Simulator to activate at the exhibition. These experiences were suited to the environment as they are high turnover, require minimal footprint and are easily understandable for visitors.

Importantly, they were also highly engaging and memorable. We also provided our large 75” display screens which mirrored the headsets to engage with the maximum number of onlookers.


Hundreds of event attendees engaged in the opportunity to try one of our exciting services, with many of them expressing that they had never seen anything quite like them before.

The guests’ positive interaction with the hub was invaluable to the client, and to us!