Creative Universe for Creative Innovation 2019

Creative Universe | VR Social Booth| April, 2019


Having partnered together for this event over the previous three years, Creative Universe approached Rentertainment for their 2019 Creative Innovation Expo.

The expo focuses on bringing innovators and forward thinkers together to learn and develop skills for leadership and business development. Our collective goal was to bring an interesting mix of services that would excite, inspire and get people talking!


This event called for a selection of never-before-seen experiences. We decided our virtual reality Hang Glider Simulator, augmented reality Yoga Challenge, and the show-stopper VR Social Booth were the right fit.

This range of services allowed guests to experience the freedom of flight in our Hangglider simulator, sparked a healthy level of competition with our Yoga Challenge, and provided an assortment of personalised souvenirs to guests who stepped into our VR Social Booth.


The services brought together guests from differing fields to network and connect in an entertaining and unique way, while also providing a branded takeaway that can then be shared with others post event.

With consistent use across all three services during the expo’s break times and lunch sessions, our entertainment options proved to be a common talking point for guests, and established open lines of communication for them to share their experiences.