Augmented Reality Nike Yoga

Nike | AR Yoga Photo Booth | December, 2020


Space Between approached Rentertainment to create a custom yoga experience for Rebel Sport to tie in with Nike’s retail yoga campaign. The setup would be placed in the Rebel flagship store at Westfield Doncaster. Space Between’s requirements were to have an unmanned interactive experience where shoppers had to mimic yoga poses in a fun, yet simple and easy-to-follow way. They also requested the experience have a photo takeaway and social element included. Due to Covid-19, it was imperative that we design a workflow that was completely touchless and Covid-19 safe.


Using augmented reality for detection and QR coding for a touchless sharing interface, we were able to create a contactless experience on a large display screen. The shopper was required to walk in front of the screen and mimic the four different yoga poses that were demonstrated on the screen with explanations. Each pose was snapped as the shopper completed each and then compiled, ready to share socially at the end of the experience.


The system ran for five weeks straight and completed over 300 sessions, during restricted reduced numbers in the store and shopping centre. Feedback from the staff and shoppers was very positive. It was a safe and entertaining experience that provided some fun for Melbourne locals during such uncertain times. Rentertainment is very proud of being one of the first to develop an entertaining Covid-19 safe activation.