A Truly Realistic Experience

If you’re after an even more realistic experience, then you cannot go past our new VR Motion Simulators with optional Virtual Reality capabilities. Whether it be on a race track, flying high above the city of your choice or on a thrilling roller coaster – guests actually feel the movement and are completely mesmerised. This is a highly entertaining and memorable experience incorporating brand new technology!

This simulator immerses the guest into a virtual environment via a motion seat and a force feedback steering controller. Instead of viewing the experience on a regular screen, we use the new HTC Vive goggles. This provides a 360-degree view of the environment.

Motion racing simulators, combined with our Virtual Reality Goggles are a truly engaging and unique experience for guests and patrons. Watch your guests faces in awe as they explore these worlds of wonder!

There is the added capability to skin the cars, which creates fantastic branding and marketing opportunities for clients. The options are endless!

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VR Rollercoaster Simulator

VR F1 Racing Simulator