Vicinity | VR Rollercoaster Simulator | June, 2017



Vicinity Centres were after an eye-catching and interactive activation that they could place in a Centre Court at a VIP Shopping Weekend event.

The event was designed to drive traffic to and positively promote the centre, so it was essential that is was fun and engaging, and would create a memorable experience for all shoppers.


We suggested our thrilling and unique Rollercoaster VR Motion Simulator. Guaranteed to attract a crowd, we knew this would be the perfect activation for the centre.

Themed like a Luna Park Rollercoaster open car, our VR Motion Simulator certainly delivered a great response.


Approximately 150 people per day had a turn at the thrilling and realistic Rollercoaster ride. A wide variety of audiences were attracted – men and women, adults and kids, the youngest rider being aged 6 and the oldest aged 85!

Every guest that rode the Rollercoaster stepped out feeling exhilarated, with many saying that they had never experienced anything quite like it before!