We’ve stepped things up a level – a huge, dome-shaped level!

Make your event larger-than-life with our massive Inflatable Snow Globe.

Perfect for themed activations, this mega-dome allows for guests to enter and snap a pic in a Winter Wonderland world. Our photographer will use a high quality DSLR camera to capture the memory, which can then be printed out and taken away as a memento of the event.

An assortment of scenic backdrops are available to suit a range of themes, plus, ask us about our branding and customisation options! To really add to the festive spirit, just add some props, and inflatable snowman, or artificial snow.

So whether it’s to celebrate the festive season, mark the arrival of winter, or just for some good ol’ fashioned fun,. including the Inflatable Snow Globe at your event will be sure to get people smiling.

Contact us today to find out if the Inflatable Snowglobe is suitable for your event!