Introducing the Bullet Time Booth

Innovative Bullet Time technology captures you in time, creating the perfect experiential marketing sensation.

Wondering if this is like the footage you have seen in futuristic films such as The Matrix? You are right! And now, Rentertainment are bringing Bullet Time to you. This is definitely the way to bring some excitement and entertainment to your next event!

Your guests can marvel at the brilliance of this 3D special visual effect, and be the centre of attention as they share their slow motion video footage via social media.

Also known as ‘dead time’ or ‘frozen time’, Bullet Time is anything but lifeless.

Impressively rigged up with multiple DSLR cameras, the Bullet Time Booth captures time-lapse footage with movement of up to 360 degrees. This slow motion, time slice footage will bring your guests one step closer to living their Keanu Reeves dream!
It’s engaging, impressive and we can guarantee that everybody will be getting in on the action!

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